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​I have never done a triathlon/I don’t know how to swim/run/bike. Can I still join?
Absolutely. Most members were relatively inexperienced when they joined the club. Just show up to a practice and we’ll help you with the fundamentals of each sport, and the basics of triathlon.

I don’t have a bike. Can I still join?
Yes. You’re welcome to attend swimming and running practices even if you don’t have a bike. We encourage everyone to try out all three aspects of triathlon, so if you can borrow a bike from a friend, you can come to a bike ride to see what you think. Many of our members showed up to their first bike practice on a commuter bike. You can always invest in new equipment when you discover that you enjoy triathlons.​

I’m not in the best shape. Can I still participate?
Definitely! We have different groups that are based on current skill leve;l, so you won’t be alone during practice. Plus, triathlon is an awesome (and fun) way to get in shape!​

Are there tryouts?
No, anyone can join.  Undergrads, Grad students, Alumni, Staff, etc.  Everyone is welcome!

How much does it cost to join?
Each semester after trial period we require all members pay dues. Through a combination of sponsors and donations we can keep them as low as $60-80 for training dues and $130-150 for racing per semester. This all goes to cover coaching, practice reservations and lodging for races. 

I’m an experienced triathlete. Will there be others who are at my speed?
TriCats is composed of members of all sorts of experience and skill-levels. Some of our members have been doing triathlons since they were 9 or 10, others were single sport cyclists, and others ran NCAA track and cross country before they picked up triathlon.  Come to a practice, and we’re confident you’ll find other members at your level.

When/where do you run/swim/bike?
Most of our practices are on or around campus. We swim at the Rec center pool. Runs are usually held at Reid Park, at Broadway and Country Club or the Pima West track. Rides take place all around Tucson, but will always start at the flagpole directly west of Old Main on campus.

Do you compete against other colleges?
Yes, we sure do. We’re part of the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MCTC) which means we compete against other colleges in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. While we chiefly race against other MCTC schools during the fall and winter, our primary focus in the spring is USAT Collegiate Nationals, where we compete against schools from all over the US.​

What distances do you train for?
There are many distances for triathlons, but we focus on the Olympic distance (Swim: 1500 meters or 0.93 mi, Bike: 40 kilometer or 24.8 mi, Run: 10 kilometers or 6.2 mi).
We also occasionally race Sprint distance triathlons, which are half the distance of an Olympic distance race – (Swim: 500 to 750 yards, Bike: 12 to 15 miles, Run: 3.1miles). However, many members race other distances, such as Ironman or Half-Ironman, and non-triathlon events, such as marathons and bike races.

Do TriCats travel, or just stay within Tucson city limits the whole time?
Simply put, TriCats go places.  Some of our races are located fairly close to Tucson, such as our fall race in Tempe or our Conference Championships in Lake Havasu City. Other races take us to exotic destinations such as Las Vegas or San Diego. We also get to go to cool places like Patagonia or Flagstaff for team training camps.

What is your workout schedule like?

As part of your membership fee, our coaches provide an carefully constructed training plan that caters to all abilities. Once you pay your dues, we provide you with information on how to access that training plan. That being said, depending on what part of the season we are in, the workout schedule varies. 

If you have another question not listed here, feel free to fill out our prospective member form!